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Are you worried that Facebook overnight changed your email address to be something like ****.****.3@facebook.com? Yes, they did it a few months ago and overnight your email address either in gmail, yahoo or hotmail was replaced by ****@facebook.com in your About page.

We very much love our email ids as they treasure so many important things for us. And I won’t like this important email address to be replaced by an mechanically generated Facebook id!

Changing the id

But don’t worry. You can replace this @facebook.com email id with the one that you prefer. I recommend you do it because many of your friends will be searching for your email id in facebook. And that is not over exposing yourself as your About page in facebook can be seen by only your friends or whom you choose to show.

Here are few simple steps to change your email id:

  • Go to About Page (Which is the first thing below your cover picture)
  • Go to Contact Info (You will see if you scroll down the About page)
  • Click Edit (As shown in the picture. But as Facebook wants editing contact info to be more secured, it asks for password again. Go ahead typing your password)
  • There you will see at least two emails. One would be Primary Email, the one that you use for logging in and the other would be facebook email address.)
  • To the right of each emai id, you will see options where you can choose to make them visible to whom: Public (whoever comes to your page, even those who are not friends will see it) or Friends or Only Me.
  • Choose one option. I recommend choosing Friends. This will enable your friends to see the email id and won’t over expose your contact to the public as well.
  • Further to the right, choose Show on your Timeline for the preferred id.

Now your email id is visible to your friends. You can add another email id or hide facebook email id through the same page and process. Happy Facebooking!

Tell me if these tips were useful for you. You can either comment below, or tell me in twitter (@indradhoj) and Facebook.