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There are thousands of ways people are using social media like Facebook or Twitter. Certainly, they have good aspects and sadly all are not that good at all! For example, manipulating others’ pictures, using other’s pictures or status without proper credit and unnecessary tags, to name only a few.

In this short write-up, I am talking about tags, which have embarrassed many people and find a reason to hate or not love facebook as much as they could.

Tagging pictures in Facebook

People want their beautiful pictures to be seen by as many people as they can reach. Therefore, even if your friend was in the other side of the Atlantic or was probably sleeping when you were taking pictures, you are tagging him/her in the pictures.

That’s a great way of reaching out to the people. Certainly when your friends log into the facebook, they will see the pictures and respond immediately. You get many responses, likes and comments. A perfect way!?


Not at all! Unnecessary tags can become nuisance to your friends and you may put them to trouble. For example, when you log in to Facebook from places other than from where you usually logged in, it asks for the double verification. That is either you have to answer the security question or identify five of your friends faces.

Many people don’t have their security question or can’t remember the right answer. That is normal as we don’t bother about what process we go on while signing up or we never recall. Do you remember how you signed up your facebook?

In that case, only way to access your facebook is identifying friends. However, two of my friends were in deep trouble as they could not identify their friends’ pictures. For example, somebody was tagged at the head of the Santa Claus, at an empty space in the landscape picture or children will appear in the picture and facebook will ask to recognize them.

How to get rid of them?

Therefore, few suggestions to make this wonderful social network cleaner:

  • Don’t tag your friends haphazardly
  • Don’t tag friends in empty spaces
  • Don’t tag yourself or your friends in the children’s pictures. Your friends can recognize you and many times not your children.
  • Only tag when the friends are really in the pictures.
  • Untag yourselves if you’re wrongly tagged: It’s easy. After putting cursor in any pictures, facebook will show Options (As shown in the picture) from where you can untag yourselves.
  • If you are tagged in a wrong picture or if that violates your privacy or if that is obscene, you can also tell the owner to take down the picture. (Follow same steps as above)
  • Or if the person is creating nuisances with too many tags, you can block him/her (through the same path as above)

It is very important to untag yourselves if you find you are tagged in irrelevant pictures. Otherwise, when your friend is in trouble, your name may appear at the summit of a peak and facebook asks your friend to identify you!